Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond to Comfort Grieving Woman

Barbie Henderson was driving down Interstate 65 in Louisville, Kentucky, last week  when she received a phone call informing her that her sister had passed away, Wave 3 News reported. Henderson was hysterical with grief. She pulled over to the side of the road, and the first thing she thought to do was call 911.

Hillview Police Officer John Nissen showed up on the scene and immediately went into action comforting Henderson. He got in the passenger seat, held her hand, gave her water, wiped her tears, answered the phone and talked to her relatives as they called, spoke soothingly to her and made sure she knew she was not alone.

I wanted her to feel treated the way I would want my family treated,” Nissen told Wave 3 News.

Henderson’s sister, Sondra Barlow, arrived moments later and witnessed the officer’s kindness. She snapped a photo of the two of them, which she later sent to the Hillview Police Department’s Facebook page to say thanks. Barlow’s photo and the accompanying letter was posted to Facebook and has since been shared more than 4,500 times.


HPD would like to thank Shonda Barlow Garner for taking the time to recognize one of our Officers. Mrs. Barlow sent the...

Posted by Hillview Police Department on Saturday, July 25, 2015


Officer Nissen was more than an officer yesterday. He was a person with a heart to understand this was a lady who just lost her sister and heard the news over the phone,” Barlow wrote in the post. “During a time we hear so many negative things about the police, I want the world to know my police officers care. They are thoughtful, compassionate, go beyond the standard and I appreciate them.”

Get more on the story from the video below:

h/t Reddit Uplifting News

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