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Police Officers Fulfill the Last Wish of a Mom With Terminal Cancer

August 22 was a day that Jazmine Delgado and her mother won’t soon forget.

Jazmine’s mother has terminal brain cancer, and although the family couldn’t afford it, her dying wish was to see 14-year-old Jazmine have a quinceañera, NBC reported. A quinceañera is a coming of age party typically celebrated on a girl’s 15th birthday.

When gang enforcement officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division met the mother and daughter at a community event and learned about their situation, they stepped in to help. Officers, together with local businesses, organized the party, which took place on Saturday in East LA.

There was even a uniformed LAPD officer serenading guests with a mariachi band.

And Jazmine got the princess treatment complete with a pink sequined dress.

Jazmine’s mother had her wish come true and even got to share a special dance with her daughter during the evening, all thanks to these kind officers.

Watching Jazmine and how happy she is and how energetic and just ecstatic she is about today, that’s the reward for all of us,” LAPD Sgt. Janet Kim told NBC.

Get more on the story from the video below: 

h/t Reddit Uplifting