This Awesome Dad Turned His Son’s Head-Shaping Helmets Into ‘Star Wars’ Art

Baby Jack was born with craniosynostosis, meaning the joints connecting the bones in his skull fused prematurely. To make room for his brain to grow, Jack underwent corrective surgery to repair his bones, according to an entry Jack’s dad posted on Reddit. After the surgery, he had to wear a head-shaping helmet to keep the bones in place.

Jack’s dad, who we can safely assume is a “Star Wars” fan, decided to spice up his son’s medical equipment. In the year following Jack’s surgery, Jack’s dad turned his son’s head-shaping helmets into “Star Wars”-themed masterpieces. Take a look:


Jack recently celebrated his first birthday, and with that comes an end to the helmets.

Today is the last day of helmets,” a friend of Jack’s dad posted on Reddit along with photos of the helmets. “Happy birthday, Jack!”

Since photographs of the helmets were posted to Reddit on August 11, they’ve made the rounds all over the Internet. The post also garnered hundreds of comments from Reddit users applauding the father’s artistic abilities and from parents whose children have gone through experiences similar to Jack’s. Some parents even shared how they decorated their kids’ head-shaping helmets.

“My second son was a helmet boy. He had a few bumps to even out and had to wear one about nine months. SO GLAD to get that off! We never decorated ours, but I love this idea!” one user wrote.

We put butterfly and flower stickers and her name on our daughter’s helmet,” another added.

This isn’t the first time creatively-designed head-shaping helmets have made the news. In April 2014, The Mighty reported on Paula Strawn, a woman who started her own business painting imaginative designs on head-shaping helmets like the one Jack wore. Strawn calls her business Lazardo Art, and her work still regularly pops up on Reddit and other social media platforms.

View the original Reddit post here.

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