What These Athletes Want You to Know About People With Disabilities

The Special Olympics World Games aim to make the Earth a more inclusive place, to better the world for the 200 million people with an intellectual disability. While we couldn’t talk to all 6,500 athletes who participated in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles this summer, we were able to ask some participants what they think everybody should know about people with disabilities. Here’s what they had to say.

1. “I want them to know that people with disabilities are good people and they can participate in any sport.” — Reagan Robinson (Zimbabwe, Golf)

2. “See the ability first then after see the disability.” — Tess Trojan (Canada, Golf)

3. “That we can pretty much achieve anything we want to as far as jobs and life.” — Jennifer Maddox (US, Equestrian)

4. “We are who we are and we are like everyone else.” — Janine Schwirblatt (Germany, Equestrian)

5. “Just treat them like any ordinary people. You know, just because people has an intellectual disability or disability doesn’t say that they’re not the same kind of people.” Oliver Doherty (Ireland, Golf)

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