Doctor Challenges ‘The View’ Hosts to Figure Out Which Stethoscope Is His

When Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, co-hosts of “The View,” mocked Kelley Johnson, a registered nurse and the Miss Colorado contestant in The Miss America Pageant, for talking about her career helping Alzheimer’s patients instead of a performing a more “typical” talent, a lot of people were not happy.

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope?” Behar asked when discussing Johnson, insinuating that nurses don’t need stethoscopes. Among the backlash to these comments is the awesome photo below.

Mark Stanley, an emergency room physician and Medical Director of an Emergency Department, posted the picture below, of him with several stethoscopes draped over his body, to the Facebook group “Show Me Your Stethoscope.”

“The many stethoscopes you see hanging off of me in this picture belong to my nursing staff, except for one,” Stanley wrote in his statement praising nurses for all they do. “Perhaps the ladies from The View would be able to tell me which of them is my ‘doctor’s stethoscope’, but they all look the pretty much the same to me.”

Photo via Facebook

His full Facebook post reads:

As an ER physician, and the Medical Director of an Emergency Department, I just wanted to give a shout out and show some support for the nursing profession, and the men and women whose immense TALENT is providing care to millions of sick and injured patients all over the world.
At any given time, I may be caring for 9 or 10 different patients in our ED, or maybe more, and without my caring, considerate, skilled and highly professional nursing staff, I simply could not do my job.
Part of my duties also consist of teaching medical students, and one of the things that I try to impart to them is that nurses are not your minions, they are your colleagues. When they become residents, and later, full-fledged physicians, they will be surrounded by nurses who have many, many more years of experience than they do. I advise them that if they have good sense, they will allow those nurses to help them learn and grow as good doctors. We cannot be everywhere at once. Inherently, we spend FAR less time with each patient than our nursing staff does. A smart doctor listens to his nurses, and utilizes them as extensions of his own diagnostic ability. A poor physician thinks he knows everything.

FYI: my grandmother was an RN (registered nurse), my mother was an RN, and I am very blessed to be married to a beautiful, sweet, TALENTED RN.

The many stethoscopes you see hanging off of me in this picture belong to my nursing staff, except for one. Perhaps the ladies from “The View” would be able to tell me which of them is my ‘doctor’s stethoscope’, but they all look the pretty much the same to me.
Well, you know, except for the purple one…

In less than three hours, more than 14,000 people liked Stanley’s post. Well done, doctor.

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