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Gordon Ramsay Responds When Chef Is Allegedly Fired for Having Epilepsy

Look who ended up being a softie.

Notoriously intimidating celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was quick to respond when a Twitter follower called Aaron Merry said he was fired from his job as a chef the same day he mentioned he has epilepsy.



When Merry asked Ramsay for advice, Ramsay tweeted back “That’s ridiculous DM I will offer you a job.”

Merry’s father, Steve, told BuzzFeed that the Ramsay group’s HR director later left a voicemail asking Aaron Merry to come to London for a meeting.

It’s easy to say things on Twitter and not back it up,” Steve Merry told BuzzFeed. “We’re just incredibly appreciate of Gordon sticking to his word. It’s a testament to what kind of guy he is.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons/Dave Pullig