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    It's awkward and u derstood by few, but I'm still trying to heal from an unexpected separation after 36 years of marriage. Soc. Sec called my husband and to inform us that we could no longer live together because he took early retirement. It's often not clear to others how it's possible but it's a reality that nobody showed have to live through. A huge part of me as a believer is to speak up and advocate for Christian principles as well as disability and much more. So our story got publisized by newspapers all over the world. CNN came to do a story on us, and it's on fb with 26m likes at this point.
    But living apart (30 miles at times) with my intractable epilepsy and his poor health has made things so difficult and scary for us both. I don't drive and he is limited here so we've gone lengthy days without contact when we aren't doing well. We are both senior citizens in need of support bc of great limitations and more. Churches have been most difficult, but many have been very awkward and not really helpful when needed. I've been alone when I've needed support. Nobody knows how to deal with it either. Due to their own shock about it, we get much prayer. But depression and more illness have been a huge part of our lives. We are more reluctant to tell others after so long apart bc we've not food our needs met. When I was on fb a few ppl texted me saying they were in this situation also. I never get over it and it creates much strife and anger at times. "What God hath joined, let no man put asunder" should also apply to Soc Sec laws. Our govr is unethical and corrupt. It's scary to see my seizures get worse now and both if us have some dementia. We are the blind leading the blind. Only the grace of God and prayers get me through, but the heartache never goes away. For more details you can go to the internet or fb. It's usually under Larry and Linda Drain, Love Story. Newspapers across the world have it too.


    Seeking support

    I've lived my lifetime being neurologically impaired and misunderstood. Support groups for the epilepsy and the ABI have been unhelpful and judgemental. Family has distanced themselves from me for decades also. Churches have cast me aside and discriminated bc I make them I'll at least and embarrassed. I've always been isolated due to the attitudes of others and lack of independence since I don't drive. Mental health providers just want to give me a pill or tell me I'm too complex I don't know where else is to turn


    Tomorrow is presenting projects in one of my cor classes I’m excited but nervous, if I’m presenting tomorrow. the nervous part is “how will people will take it”. I’m talking about epilepsy! Our topic is activism we had been talking about in class and my project is on epilepsy so I’m excited and nervous on it. So wish me good luck, either way if I’m presenting or not. The class is cor but it is called care of common good for those are curious.


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is missy21. I'm here because a family member was diagnosed with epilepsy and is having severe anxiety about potential seizures. I want to help her.



    Well-being and Ability for Women with Epilepsy

    Let’s start here: I’m a woman who has been living with #Epilepsy for 28 years and counting; I will be writing this piece based on my experience and what I’ve been told. First, it’s a must to prioritize yourself and study more about managing epilepsy, especially as a woman and even a girl who has different types of epilepsy. Exercising is a great benefit, especially for individual with epilepsy. While preserving one’s real goal when it comes to health can be an adventure, especially as a woman who will forever evolve.

    One thing is for sure; our hormones are a certified health feature that does cause issues and holds a strong impact, specifically within puberty and the start of menopause. The brain contains many nerve cells and directly impacts elements like www.aafp.org/pubs/afp/issues/2002/1015/p1489.html, which is known to have the possibility have a seizure. Even when having the moments of a menstrual cycle can also cause a seizure. For individuals who use epilepsyfoundation.org.au/managing-epilepsy/women-and-epilep... when having that needed conversation with your physician, consider that some anti-seizure medications may not mix with the birth control used. Also, remember once more that when it comes to epilepsy can be disabling and, unfortunately, cause different complications. Epilepsy and other disabilities cause more of a disadvantage for women, and they may even experience issues such as mobility, www.epilepsy.com/complications-risks/moods-behavior,  www.epilepsy.com/complications-risks/thinking-and-memory/dia..., sleep, and much more.

    Easing the frustration of being a woman and having epilepsy can be a rollercoaster and pathway of no direction, just little hints. But one thing is for sure when exercising does provide physical and mental health support.   Going on a journey or participating in any amusement out of this world, you may have to consider that these new activities can be risky. Even specific exercises may cause some damage; try to research what you can do and always take your time, especially if you’re an individual with frequent episodes. When going through this voyage, try to be a friend or someone you trust who understands your ability. Also, ensure you’re taking your new health journey cautiously but still enjoy.

    Start with this when taking part in this new pathway.

    Invite your friends and family
    Do easy activities like taking a walk around your neighborhood.
    Start with gentle stretching and movements like jumping jacks and easy running in place to get your core temperature up
    Start Small but, always do something with excitement
    get a good night’s sleep
    Remeber to take your meds and always have meals
    avoid exercise if you are overtired
    Do an in-person or even virtual activity; but, please let the educator know of your disability and showcase some identifications like a medical alert bracelet and other items.

    Always take your time.

    Remember sharing these experiences, especially with epilepsy, by doing this and sharing this opens the door to spreading awareness. But please remember to concentrate on your well-being, especially when placing yourself on a solid and consistent activity and an inspiring journey.


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    #Seizure #hero #Epilepsy

    When the little skull is squeezed so hard that the body twists and turns in the most unnatural electric way, all control is lost and the world turns upside down. For those watching, helplessness is terrifying and unpredictability, suffocating.

    Families living with epileptic children have every reason to quit entirely, but they never do. Instead, they lead their children to become heroes and inspiration to those who in the midst of so many obstacles, feel discouraged. They show everyone that counting smiles and appreciating what you have- overshadows counting seizures or bad days.

    November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. For every child and adult facing epilepsy, I wish they find strength to preserver. I hope they chose not to be defined by their situation, condition and numerous labels thereof. And I hope that even when they get very tired, they can gloriously rise above all adversity and turn limitations into opportunities that can overcome anything.


    My Father was one in a million, what I regret the very most is my Narcissistic Mother setting him against me and me against him.

    My Father was of the most amazing Fathers that anyone could ever wish for!! I was so blind as a child with epilepsy and my Narcissistic Mother took advantage of it all, to set us against one another I truly wish I could go back in time to relieve everything and let him know that he truly was the very best thing that ever happened to me


    Focal emotional seizures

    Hi, I’m new to all this so sorry if I get the terms mixed up.
    My question is: are focal emotional seizures always short or less than 2 minutes like I keep reading?
    Could an emotional seizure involving intense fear start and then take a few minutes of feeling that way - ie 5 mins - before you recover? Thanks, Zel.