Police Officers Escort Daughter of Fallen Cop to Father-Daughter Dance

Jewel Warren, 8, lost her father, Memphis, Tennessee, police officer Tim Warren, when he was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2011, according to a post on the Memphis Police Department Facebook page.

When Jewel recently received an invitation to attend a father-daughter dance at her school, she was saddened by the letter. Her mother, Taylor Amen, spoke with Donna Kirk, founder of Our Fallen Heroes Foundation, and they began reaching out to officers from Warren’s department looking for an escort.

Many officers jumped at the opportunity. Because of space was limitations, six were chosen to escort Jewel to her dance, Yahoo Parenting reported. There’s already a wait list for which officers get to take her to the next dance.


On Friday, September 4, the community came together to make it a night Jewel will never forget — local florists donated boutonnieres, a corsage and roses for the officers to give Jewel, a photographer donated her time to capture the special night and Jewel arrived in style to the dance by taking a ride in a classic 1972 Cutlass Supreme, according to a post on the Memphis Police Department Facebook page.


We know we cannot replace Tim, but we can be there for his family when we are needed,” Said officer Amen, according to the Facebook post. “It was truly a honor.”


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