Child Cancer Patient Who Loves Spider-Man ‘Saves’ Entire City From Evil Villain

Mable Tooke loves Spider-Man.

The 6-year-old resident of Edmonton, Canada, has been undergoing chemotherapy since she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013, the National Post reposted. Mable is now nearing the end of her treatment and her prognosis is good, but the medication can still be a drag on the child. So when the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada offered to grant Mable a wish, family and friends jumped at the chance to allow her to become her own version of her favorite superhero — SpiderMable.

On Monday, September 28, SpiderMable had a very special day. Her day involved everything from zip-lining through the air to helping the police rescue NHL team Edmonton Oilers‘ captain Andrew Ference.

It all started in the morning when a fake local news broadcast shown to SpiderMable detailed the kidnapping of Ference and called for her help.

There was even a cry for help from Ference’s daughter to SpiderMable:

SpiderMable was up to the challenge.

Next it was off to meet the mayor to discuss the details of the case.

Then, to her surprise, Spider-Man showed up to help out.

The two of them even had their own theme song.

Next, SpiderMable and Spider-Man flew through the air on a zip-line on their way to a rescue.

She found some clues at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

SpiderMable was finally able to rescue Ference and defeat the evil villian Mysterio. She sprayed him with silly string and put him in the police van in front of a cheering crowd.

The day was a huge success with onlookers and Mable alike rejoicing. Neil Tooke, Mable’s father, said he was tearing up throughout the day.

It’s an opportunity for her to just forget about the hospital, forget about procedures,” Tooke said, according to the Edmonton Journal. “Just be a kid again.”

Check out the video below for more on SpiderMable’s big day:

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