18 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Live With Chronic Illness

As many people who live with chronic illness know, laughter is sometimes the best medicine. A sense of humor can be essential to getting up each day and moving forward despite the many challenges that chronic illness may bring with it.

The Mighty teamed up with the AutoimmuneMom Facebook page to ask our readers to share with us some of their favorite memes about chronic illness.

Here’s what you sent us: 


chronic illness meme: auto-immune disease, because the only thing tough enough to kick my ass is me
Submitted by Melissa Austin


chronic illness memes: when i'm feeling down and someone says suck it up i get the urge to break their legs and say walk it off
Submitted by Talia Tedrow


chronic illness meme: oh, what's that you say? i don't look sick? well.. you don't look stupid but...
Submitted by Leanne Wood


chronic illness meme: oh my cousin's friend's sister's girlfriend used to have that, she had magic healing moon fossils implanted under her skin and now she's fine, you should ask your doctor about that
Submitted by Tabitha Hodges


chronic illness meme: i am not anxious, i am just extremely well educated about the things that can go catastrophically wrong
Submitted by Katie Smeltzer Ireland


chronic illness meme: my whole body hurts from not doing anything today
Submitted by Leah Larsen


chronic illness meme: why are there never any good side effects? just once i'd like to read a medication bottle that says may cause extreme sexiness
Submitted by AutoimmuneMom


chronic illness meme: being alive is so fucking expensive
Submitted by Leah Larsen


chronic illness meme: you can't have that condition you're too young! if only it had asked ID
Submitted by Sarah McGee


chronic illness meme: you've got it backwards actually, i'm faking being well
Submitted by AutoimmuneMom


chronic illness meme: when i'm trying to keep all my conditions in check
Submitted by Christina Chalgren


chronic illness mem: pain lets you know you are still alive. man i feel so, so, so alive right now
Submitted by AutoimmuneMom


chronic illness meme: recovery expectations vs. reality
Submitted by Karin Ursula Phelps Williams


chronic illness meme: they say always trust your gut. have you met my gut? you don't want to trust that bastard.
Submitted by Jayne Olson


chronic illness meme: the face you make when your doctor says let's try this new medicine
By Stephanie Nasby


chronic illness meme: i think your IBD is all in your head. don't make me eat one of my trigger foods and lock you in a room with me.
Submitted by Jayne Olson


chronic illness meme: i can't diabetes today. don't make me diabetes today...
Submitted by Andrea Steeves-Belanger


chronic illness meme: i may be chronically ill but i'm also chronically fabulous
Submitted by Jayne Olson

 Check out the Chronic Illness Cat Facebook page for more great memes.

18 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Live With Chronic Illness

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