Part 2! Kids With Autism Turn 'Obsessions' Into Creative Costumes

Last week we asked our Mighty readers who have autism, or who have a loved one with autism, to share how they’ve turned seemingly quirky “obsessions” into home-run Halloween costumes. Since then, we’ve been overloaded with wildly creative getups. If you haven’t already, check out our first compilation of these awesome costumes here.

Below, you’ll meet 13 more kids with autism who know how to rock being unique.

1. A creeper from “Minecraft”

via Jen

2. A car wash

via Andrea Brillhart

3. A vacuum

via Eric

 4. My Little Pony

via Shari DeCarlo

5. Dr. Octopus from “Spider-Man”

via Lena Kotler-Wallace

6. New Mexico

“I asked if he had a backup choice… without a pause he said, ‘Sure, Wyoming.’ via Sara Starr

7. A butterfly

via Erica J. Thiel

8. Frankie from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”

via Emma Wozny

9. The TARDIS from “Dr. Who”

via Melodie Vantkruis

10. A (hungry) shark 

via Michelle Skinner

11. A volcano (bonus if your sisters are hula dancers!)

via Nancy Cook

12. Steve Jobs + an iPad

via Denise Mitomi

13. A construction barrel 

via Jen Lovy

Do you or a loved one with autism have a unique Halloween costume you want to show us? Send photos to [email protected] Happy Halloween!

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