Teen Comedian Has Zinger About How Schools Treat Disabled Students

If you’re familiar with Jack Carroll, then you know the 17-year-old British comedian loves to poke fun at his disability and vent about his experiences at school.

Carroll, who has cerebral palsy, appeared on “It’s A Funny Old Week With Jason Manford,” and he had quite a few things to say about attending class and final exams. The teen posted the clip on his Twitter account on Oct. 9.

“I get 25 minutes extra just for being disabled in my exam, which is funny because I don’t even use the allotted time,” he told the crowd. “Just as soon as I get in there I’m raising my hand to go — it’s ridiculous. Twenty-five minutes extra just for being disabled. If I leave you with one sentiment tonight I want it to be this: It really is brilliant being disabled, you should try it. Don’t go crazy, you want it about my level. The level where you get your own nice big toilet, but you can still wipe your own a** once you’re inside.”

Carroll broke onto the comedy scene at the age of 14 when he finished as the runner-up on the 2013 season of “Britain’s Got Talent.” The previous year he won a Pride of Britain Award in the “Teenager of Courage” category.

h/t r/funny

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