This Mom Wears Lipstick on Her Cheek Every Day to Make Her Daughter Proud

Jessica Hughes draws a small mark on her face just under her left eye every day using lipstick. The 24-year-old from Merseyside, England, does this to make her 7-month old daughter Madison feel proud.

Madison has a haemangioma, a collection of blood vessels under the skin that form a lump, growing on the right side of her face just under her eye, Caters News reported. One in 10 babies will develop a haemangioma, and it’s more common in girls, according to the Royal Children’s Hospital of Melbourne.

Via Caters News

At first, Hughes just thought the mark was a scratch, but in five months it’s grown into a 2-centimenter benign tumor. Doctors say it will only need to be removed if it begins to affect Madison’s eyesight.

Noticing that people often stare at her daughter and worried that Madison would eventually become self-conscious, Hughes decided to wear a lipstick mark on her own face. She hopes it will someday help Madison hold her head up high and ignore the stares.

Via Caters News

“I chose to draw a strawberry mark on my face to show Madison that when she gets older she should show hers off with pride,” Hughes told Caters news. “The red mark I’ve put on my face will make her realize it’s completely normal and that it doesn’t change who she is a person so it shouldn’t matter.”

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