Country Stars Share Heartbreakingly Beautiful Photo of Mom and Daughter

Singer Rory Feek, of the husband-wife country duo Joey & Rory, confirmed on his blog yesterday that his wife Joey Feek has been moved into hospice care, where she will spend her final days.

In a post titled “an answer to prayer” on the family’s “This Life I Love” blog, Rory Feek wrote that his wife was hospitalized on Nov. 6, and by Nov. 9 the family had arranged for a hospital bed to be delivered to their house. During their stay at the hospital, Rory snapped a bittersweet photo of the couple’s 20-month-old daughter Indiana in Joey’s arms.

it’s all about love.

A photo posted by Joey+Rory (@roryandjoey) on

“Both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other,” he wrote on the family’s blog. “It’s been beautiful. Yesterday I sat her down in front of her mama and they smiled and played and loved each other the way that only mamas and their little ones can… Perfect love filled that hospital room as we all held our breath and wiped our eyes.”

In June 2014 Joey Feek revealed that she had been battling cervical cancer, but last month she announced she was no longer undergoing treatment after the diagnosis was deemed terminal, reported.

“Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going,” Rory Feek concluded in his blog post. “So am I. An answer to prayer.”

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