James Bond Parody Calls Out 007 for Killing People With Disabilities

Comedy site Funny or Die uploaded a video on Nov. 5 titled “James Bond Sensitivity Training with Jane Seymour,” which shows actor Daniel Craig, in character as James Bond, being “summoned to MI6 headquarters for an HR-mandated handicap and disability sensitivity training.”

“James, you have a problem,” Seymour begins in the video below. “You have a creepy prejudice against people with disabilities.” “You noticed,” Bond replies. “It would be hard not to,” Seymour counters. “You’re literally always killing them.”

The clip then provides a montage of every villain Bond has ever killed, noting that almost all of them are people with disabilities or facial differences.

“The whole disabled person as a super villain thing is cliche and offensive,” Seymour says. “I’ve never seen anyone cling to outrageous stereotypes so stubbornly.”

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