These Mighty Readers Went All Out for Halloween This Year

We rounded up some of our favorite costumes from Mighty readers this Halloween. Take a look:

1. Mr. Fredricksen from “UP”

“‘Adventure is out there!’ Waylon, 3, congenital heart defect, cerebral palsy with hemiplegia, ventriculomegaly, HIE. We incorporated his different abilities into Mr. Fredricksen from ‘Up.'” — Tabitha Rainey

2. Batman + the Batmobile

“Batman (Grant, 4 years old, Salla disease) and The Batmobile (gait trainer)” — Shane Hamilton
“Our real-life superhero, Jackson. A 3-year malignant brain tumor survivor.” — Jill Zielinski Bojarski

3. “The Rolling Dead”

“My zombie son, Evan, and his little scary cat sister.” — Julie Graham

4. The entire cast of “UP”

“Our son, Tucker, has MPS II. He is Carl from ‘UP.’ His younger brother Dylan is Doug the dog, Mom is Kevin the snipe, and Dad is Russell! Yes, the house moves!” — Jason and Casey Hurst

5. A lion tamer

“Our brave #LukaTheLion turned the tables and was a lion tamer from his hospital room.” — Julia Fisher

6. A scuba diver

“Shark Diver Xander 7, L1 syndrome.” — Marie Scofield Kline

7. A robot

“My son has osteogenesis imperfecta (aka brittle bones disease). He recently had both of his femurs rodded because they kept fracturing, he was trying to stand the last time one broke and his bones were finally big enough to rod. He was a robot this year, it went well with his spica cast.” — Crystal Leigh Knippa

8. Darth Vader + TIE fighter

“Logan as Darth Vader in his tie fighter.” — Jordan Lindy Selby

9. Guide Batman + Robin

“Guide Batman & Robin” — Nicole Schultz-Kass

10. Rosie the Riveter 

photo via Lori Mayfield Brown

11. A fighter pilot

“My lil fighter pilot!” — Jessica Thompson-Leads
“This was George’s first Halloween with us in America and Daddy definitely made it memorable. For one night, he was just a typical kid and the talk of the neighborhood.” — Karis McEllroy

12. A pot of gold

“I found my pot of gold. Savannah is 4 and unable to sit without assistance, so I stuck her in a pot of gold.” — Lacey Smith

13. Dusty Crophopper from “Planes”

“Our son has a rare terminal disease called Hunter syndrome and we made a costume to accommodate his wheelchair. Dusty the crop duster!” — Cassandra Morley

14. Rock, Paper, Scissor

“We were rock,paper, scissors and our judge!! Kaden doesn’t like costumes and will not allow face paint (developmental delays, seizure disorder and autism), so we’ve always found it easier for all of us to decorate the stroller!” — Sarah Whitney

15. Jolly Ranchers

“Our family was all Jolly Rancher flavors (and a Jolly Rancher zombie), including my backpack that holds my infusions and drain. Jolly Ranchers are one of the few things I can eat and made a great halloween costume!” — Anna Riordan

16. A witch

“My daughter with Down Syndrome.” — Sharon Rae Walker

17. Mario

Photo via Nanette Andrade

18. A pirate

Photo via Shannon Zachery Cook

19. A Pink Lady from “Grease”

Photo via Amanda Petryk-Tirado

20. Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”

I gotta say-- Willy is the best! Plus, Her costume wouldn't be complete without the soundtrack!

Posted by Angie Traxler on Saturday, October 31, 2015


If you’d like to share your costume with us, send a photo to [email protected]

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