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Flight Attendant’s Small, Sweet Gesture Brings Elderly Man to Tears

Passengers onboard a Hainan Airlines flight were moved by a moment between a passenger and a flight attendant.

During a flight from Zhengzhou, China, to Hainan, China, a flight attendant named Fan Xuesong knelt down to feed a 71-year-old man, identified as Mr Niu, according to the Daily Mail. Because of a stroke, Niu had difficulty gripping a spoon to eat.


Niu was very touched by the gesture; Xuesong told The People's Daily Online when she was feeding him, he began to cry in appreciation.


Passengers snapped photos of the incident which were later widely shared on social media in China.

I couldn't help but cry as she helped me eat, blew my nose and wiped away my tears,” Niu told local reporters, according to the Daily Mail. “I do not know the girl's name but given the chance I would thank her again.”


“We're so proud of our team holding up our company's values,” Hainan airlines said in a post on their Facebook page. “We truly hope this passenger has had a cherished experience.”

The Mighty reached out to Hainan airlines for comment but has yet to hear back. Read more on the story in The People's Daily online