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    What’s your experience with prescription discount services like GoodRx?

    If you have to take prescription medication to manage your health symptoms (there’s no shame in that!), sometimes those prescriptions can be very expensive depending on your health insurance plan and how many medications you have to take.

    To alleviate some of those costs and make it more manageable to get the medication you need, prescription discount services like GoodRx can be super helpful. (Mighty staffer Kat recommends using their mobile app!)

    What have your experiences been like with prescription cost-cutting services? Did they help you save money? Or were they too much work for what the benefits ended up being?

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    When was your last "normal" day?

    Living with a chronic health condition can mean redefining and reflecting on your ideas of normalcy. From those days where your symptoms seem overbearing, to the days where you're feeling "good" and ready to tackle what the days brings, normal can be relative, flexible, or even a distant memory.

    When do you feel like your last "normal" day was?

    📚 If you need something to read today, check out Syrena Clark's story here:

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Disability #Caregiving #RareDisease #Migraine #Stroke #CardiovascularDisease #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Spoonie #Lupus #Endometriosis #Hospital #Cancer #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is ceryan. I've been diagnosed with CNS STROKE CHRONIC ILLNESS NEED SUPPORT

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Blackberri98. I'm here because I lost my husband in 2021 I never got the chance to say good bye but before that I was going through my problems I was depressed because I couldn't work anymore because I had stroke I felt like I just couldn't do anything right in everybody eyes I couldn't walk good I couldn't drive anywhere my thought was all over the place and I didn't have anyone to talk to that would listen

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Grief

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    New member & looking for answers due to complex case

    #Porencephaly #story #exhaustion #help #Misdiagnosed #underdiagnosed #complexcase #26years #symptomlist #rejected #Support #LongPost

    (If you took the time to read this your amazing, seriously!)

    Hi. My name is Nick. I'm new here. As much as I loathe this, I'am a complex case. I've been dealing with an unusual dilemma. I get diagnosed with one set of diseases, then getting a second & third set of diagnosis that don't seem related to the 1st set of diagnosis. What do I mean? The genetic test are the first set of results. Then the porencephaly with other incidental findings are the 2nd set of diagnosis with the 3rd and most recent set being due to my throat symptoms: adult dysphagia, adenopathy, & neck crepitus with manual right shift of trachea." I can't be overthinking this but, I can't shake the feeling something is wrong possibly beyond the scope of porencephaly. I got accepted by nord for the campaign but that was about it. My rare disease submission never got posted & I got turned down by my geneticist for further testing with the remark of "There's nothing else I can do for you." *Even though I made mention of my cousin having a cyst that causes speech issues.* ( thanks alot.) Sigh* depressed face*. Oh well, guess I look forward. Along with neurology & spinal specialist in may I now have an neck ultrasound with possible echogram later this month on top of an ENT in late April. One might argue I'm doing this to myself but that would be the partial truth because I let something possibly dangerous get away with tearing me apart even though all the symptoms are painless.

    Why? Why this sudden deterioration in health as of a year or so ago? All the waiting has lead to partial answers. I almost want someone to sit down & figure out what I should focus on treating & what needs to be ignored. Sometimes I wake up thinking about wanting to make a model train set or traveling to a distant place & enjoying it. Too bad the former is expensive & requires too much space for our basement. The latter doesn't happen enough for me.

    I'm exhausted & ready to just give someone all my records/history & just say "figure it out." I've been wanting this to be over for a good while now but new things keep coming up & I feel like some time soon I'll stop going to doctors because I don't want to deal with the process of getting surprise diagnosis ten.

    I've had issues since birth with a neonatal stroke that we now know has turned cystic & has given us a piece of it's mind having been through many doctor visits throughout my 26 years of my family & me searching for answers. Here's the rundown: List of symptoms

    Larygnomlacia-infant historic

    Tinnitus-started at age 15

    Tmj-age 15

    Eye tilting up-age 15

    Floaters-age 15

    Dysphagia*~2019 couldn't swallow liquid properly.

    Pinched nerve in neck~2021 got better with chiropractic intervention diagnosed as pots.

    Neck/throat clicking same time as dysphagia & pinched nerve. Got better with chiropractor but still have some dysphagia & throat clicking.

    Feeling of food being stuck in throat*~2019

    Recently diagnosed adenopathy, esophageal dysphagia, & neck crepitus.

    Chiropractor caused spinal lean with digestive upset in early 2022. Digestion is ok now. But posture lean is still an issue.

    Recently diagnosed through mri & x-ray with porencephaly (brain cyst) this took 26 years to diagnose, mucous retention cyst, hemosiderin deposit, choroid plexus cysts & scoliosis of upper region with mild lumbar retrolisthesis.

    Grip weakness- started after leaving chiropractor in Feb. 2022

    Alarming rate of deterioration from being relatively healthy to needing cane due to posture lean. Most recent symptom is waking up to my left arm on my chest & having difficulty keeping it straight.

    There was a change in walking pattern as of a few years ago due to coordination challenges since toddlerhood.

    At birth I had a neonatal stroke looking like a premiee at full term. There was an undescended testicle (corrected at 6 years), 2 small holes in heart that healed on their own, microcephaly concerns, intrauterine growth restriction though grew out of it very quickly to 6ft 3in, & thrombocytopenia at birth.

    Have strabismus, nystagmus, hyperopia, optic blurring in right eye.

    Posture lean causes opposing foot to stand on toes.

    Followed closely as a child but was dropped when we moved states in 2011.

    Been in colorado since june of 2017.

    Use to have sensation in left arm of pulling sensation when peeing.

    Genetics testing according to the geneticist is insignificant but carrier for cep290 maternally & have chromosome 4p31.3-32.1 microduplication syndrome paternally with unknown significance which falls under chromosome 4p duplication syndromes (only 85 in the world.)

    Also have unusual anal quivering (seldom talked about)

    Have seen multiple doctors including neurologist (seeing one in may.), 2 physical therapist, 3 chiropractors, , neuropsychologist (childhood), on my 3rd primary doctor & genetics. I'm also seeing a spine specialist in May.

    In tears* someone help me put this all together because it's destroying me!

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is MrsBT8. I want to get inspirational quotes. I am a 14+ year stroke survivor that is moderately disabled (impairment of balance and coordination). I need an assistive device to walk and sometimes stand (i.e., cane, walker, or a point of contact on a steady object. I also have impaired fine motor skills, and a speech disorder (dysarthria). I am resilient and cheery, but like to maintain this with inspirational quotes and gratitude.

    #MightyTogether #Stroke

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    What’s something you have to consistently rely on others for?

    When you live with a disability or have a chronic health condition, sometimes it’s necessary to ask for help. Whether it’s to assist with chores or other everyday activities or errands, relying on others is how the task gets done and thats totally OK, we definitely can relate 🙋.

    What do you have to rely on others for? How does that make you feel?

    P.S. There’s no shame at all in asking for the help you need.

    ❤️ If you’re looking for something Mighty to read on the topic, check out Larissa Martin’s experiences here:

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Disability #Caregiving #RareDisease #Migraine #Stroke #CardiovascularDisease #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Spoonie #Lupus #Endometriosis #Hospital #Cancer #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe

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    What are you grateful for? What can you be thankful for to keep you holding on during tough times?

    Please let's all share our blessings in life that we are thankful for. In
    dark and trying times (like right now), I try to always remember the things I am grateful for and remind myself that without any/all of them my life could be much less manageable

    I am grateful for:

    -Being alive!
    -Being able to walk, even if I need mobility devices
    -Having a roof over my head
    -Having food on the table
    -Having great doctors, nurses, my therapist, my shrink, numerous specialists and my clinic - and having the insurance to pay for them - as well as insurance to pay for my many medications!
    -Having a strong network of family and friends and always being able to know that I am loved and supported ...and
    -Having my relative health - things could always be worse!

    What are you thankful for?

    Maybe thank someone who you are grateful for and let them know how helpful they are and how much it means to you to have their support. Sometimes people don’t know how much they impact other’s lives!

    #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Chronicpainwarrior #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Stigma #BipolarDepression
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    How often do you feel like you know more than your doctor?

    Living with chronic or complex health conditions can sometimes mean needing to explain and express your thoughts, concerns, and knowledge of your diagnosis to anyone and everyone… yes, even to your doctor.

    What’s been your experience? What emotions pop up in those moments when it feels like you’re the expert in the room?

    📚 Want a relevant Mighty read? Check out Tierra Drollinger’s experience in her recent Mighty article here:

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Disability #Caregiving #RareDisease #Migraine #Stroke #CardiovascularDisease #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Spoonie #Lupus #Endometriosis #Hospital #Cancer #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe

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    Withdrawals from Rexulti #Justsaynotothispill

    I’m currently towards the end (I hope) of my withdrawals from rexulti. The main ingredient of this pill effected everything from nerve pain, bones, my breathing, my mind ,my words. Today I went to the chiropractor and told her about the warning signs I experienced she is surprised I didn’t suffer from a stroke taking this pill. I had every symptom of a stroke and heart attack but it was from the pill.