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31 Gifts Special Needs Moms Want but Won't Ask for This Year

Special needs moms don’t get to write letters to Santa, and often their holiday seasons are consumed with figuring out ways to make everyone else happy. When they do offer up a wish list, they’re not always honest about what they’d really like.

The Mighty teamed up with A Very Special Needs Resource and Stop Discrimination Against Special Needs and asked special needs moms in our Facebook communities what they want (but won’t ask for) this holiday season. Here’s what’s on their wish list:

1. “A handicapped shower in my son’s bathroom.”

2. “A maid for a week.”

3. “A total makeover.”

4. “A cure.”

5. “To hear my son say just three words… ‘I love you.’”


6. “A weekend with my husband.”

7. “A night for myself. Just a nice room, with a bedside jacuzzi… All for me, myself and I.”

8. “For the government to make it easier for us parents.”


9. “A trip to the beach.”

10. “A home of our own. Right now we are homeless, so a home would be nice.”

11. “A night of unbroken sleep followed by a day with no temper tantrums.”

12. “100% inclusion everywhere!”

Diverse Children Friendship Playing Outdoors Concept

13. “I wish for my son to have friends.”

14. “To have my child out of the hospital in time for Christmas.”

15. “Childproof locks that outsmart my kids.”

16. “A lifetime supply of sensory friendly clothes.”

17. “Gas cards. That’s the practical and easy answer. We run nonstop to doctors, therapists and other places for our kids. Having the cost removed would free money up for other things.”

18. “A fully loaded Starbucks card.”


19. “A service dog.”

20. “Extra cash so I can buy my kids everything they want.”


21. “I would love help with financial planning. Money is a constant worry for me and it takes my attention away from my kids!”

22. “A day just to be able to be selfish.”


23. “A weighted blanket! We’re going to buy it ourselves because relatives won’t understand why it’s expensive.”

24. “A professional massage!”

25. “A family portrait.”

26. “A nap and a winning lottery ticket.”


27. “New clothes.”

28. “A new washer and dryer.”

29. “For Santa to pay some of these medical bills.”


30. “Money to pay for counseling for my son.”

31. “I actually don’t need anything. I just want my kids to be happy.”


*Some responses have been edited and shortened for brevity.