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The Awesome Reason This Boy Is Dressing Up as Your Favorite Movie Characters

Jack Churchman has been growing out his hair for two years, and he plans to donate his locks to the Western Australia Cancer Council. But the 9-year-old from Perth, Australia, wanted to do something a little more creative to help children with cancer, so he started dressing up as their favorite movie characters.

Jack’s mother, Suzannah Churchman, told Daily Mail Australia her son got the idea to help after spending time with children in his sister’s class who have cancer. “We’d see them off sick or unable to do things, and Jack asked if there was anything we could do and he came up with this idea,” Churchman told the website.

Jack told the website that his sister Daisy helps by making props and his mother does the hair and makeup. Jack takes requests from patrons donating more than $10, and every day he posts a new scene or character on his Facebook page. He’s done about 90 posters so far, and raised more than $5,000 for the Western Australia Cancer Council.



Be sure to check out more of Jack’s amazing images on his Facebook page and website.