Mom of 3 Left Without Disability Check After She Was the Victim of a Crime

A mother is left is fighting to get her disability check restored after the government took it away following her identity being stolen.

Jennifer Marban, from Knoxville, Tennessee, says last month the Social Security Administration took away her disability check. The mother of three teenagers is disabled following complicated bowel and colon surgery four years ago and as a result, she rarely leaves her home, ABC News reported.

Marban, a former Spanish interpreter, makes ends meet for her three teenagers with the help of her Social Security Disability, but now she and her family are in trouble without it.

If I don’t get a check next month, we will not be here,” Marban told the outlet. “I no longer have any Social Security benefits. I was left without warning. I have no insurance anymore.”

She filed a police report in November 2014 with the Knoxville Police Department stating she had been a victim of identity theft and then attended a series of hearings in April 2015 at the Social Security Administration. She eventually got an unfavorable “notice of decision” from Social Security last month, despite a December letter from the IRS saying Marban was, indeed, a victim of identity theft.

Marban holds out hope that the situation will be corrected soon. She has another hearing set at Social Security on January 26 to possibly reopen the case.

Get more on the story from the video below: 

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