The One Thing Chronic Illness Cannot Steal

I know so many of us in this chronic community cannot participate in society how we’d like.

Some of us cannot work. Some of us can only work part-time. Some of us cannot attend school or college. Some of us cannot drive or attend social gatherings. Some of us cannot talk on the phone…the list is endless.

Being limited in these ways is truly hard in a society that puts value on accomplishments and successes. It’s hard. It can be depressing. It’s diminishing and disheartening. But I’m sharing and choosing to live by another message.

The message that my value is found in my life.

Not how I live my life, but rather from the simple fact that I am living my life.

I have value, plain and simple, and that doesn’t change no matter what I do or don’t do with my life. If all I can do one day is watch BBC shows, I still have value. If I can travel to Europe and run a marathon, it doesn’t  matter; my value does not change.

And fellow chronic illness warriors, the same is true for you. You are brave for existing. You are loved for being your quirky, unique self. You are accomplished because you lived another day. Your value is found inside of you, not in your accomplishments.

And that’s something chronic illness cannot steal.

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