My Top 10 Resolutions as a Special Needs Mom

While it’s tempting to say “I’m not the type who makes New Year’s resolutions,” as a parent of a child with special needs, I find that I’m resolving — almost daily — to do more to help my son. Though I might have the best intentions of working with him on language or handwriting, the days pass too quickly, and I often fall far too short of our shared goals.

But with a new year comes that ever-hopeful fresh start. On that note, the following are 10 resolutions I’m making (and aiming to keep) this year.

10. Focus on how far we’ve come.

9. Listen to unsolicited advice with the generosity of spirit in which it is intended.

8. Do not be defeated by paperwork and endless insurance headaches.

7. Be loud and clear when advocating for my child.

6. Remember that without the rough times we wouldn’t appreciate the good as intensely.

5. Be braver. People are counting on me.

4. Continue to strive for what others tell us is impossible.

3.  Enjoy comfort and solace in simple pleasures — a small hug or even a shared smile.

2. Banish phrases like “if only” and, instead, count our blessings.

1. Be amazed that in teaching my son, I always learn more about love and strength than I’d ever imagined.

Liz's son sitting on a bench
Liz’s son sitting on a bench

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