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To the Person Who Just Got a Diagnosis That Came Out of Nowhere

To the one who just got diagnosed,

I’m sorry.

That came out of nowhere, right? Or did it? Maybe you’ve known it has been there all along. Maybe you’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life. It still surprised. Slammed you into a brick wall. Left you broken and in pain.

I must warn you, some days are going to be horrific. On those days, your words may be uglier than any scar you’re about to receive. You’ll feel sickly green with envy as you stare at your cohorts. You will not recognize yourself in their world. As if you’re some alien from another place and time. These days will come and go.

I must prepare you, some days are going to be magnificent. On these days… wow! These are the days you’re going to taste the sun and smell the moon. You’ll feel the flowers grow and bloom. All your eyes once passed over will now glow and beg for you to notice. All that was old will become new again. I believe you’re going to feel God in every pore of your skin. You will love like never before, find the strength of a thousand men, and your aim, although altered, will remain true. These days will come and go.

Days will come and days will go. Your only job is to keep moving forward. So, I’ll leave you with my warrior chant, and just maybe your next day will be a glorious one.

With a lot of miles left to roam, she takes another step. She does not shy away from fear, she laughs at its existence.

She moves forward with grace, courage and determination. She is strong.

She lets go of all that holds her back and finds faith in what lies ahead.

She makes peace by the edge of the sword and knows, while she may never be the same again, 

nothing in nature ever is.

She is beautiful and she moves on.

Alyson Benison

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