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What pisses me off... #Autism #MentalHealth

Whats been on my mind...recently there has been another case of measles and that disease alone can kill a child. So you have the uneducated people who blame the MMR shot is the cause of autism. There has been many studies done that prove that the vaccination doesn’t cause it. So the mother’s who don’t vaccinate their kids believe that the worse thing that could happen to their child is possibly getting autism. Um here’s a crazy idea .. what is worse all the children dying because of not being vaccinated which was 500 and some or a your child being alive... #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #Education #MentalHealth #MoreDiseases #ADHD


Pretty weird but kinda real

I always think humans , animals +anything in earth is just a copy of the other
things just repeating it self over and over ,it never changes ,cant get why is it this way , for example if ur struggling it is someone’s time to be in luck if its ur time it’s someone’s shitty days as well as ur mental health if u feel great someone’s having hard times we’re all the exact same ,
changes moving in turns between us u cannot stop it cause its not ur turn yet , when the turn comes u’ll go to another changing nothing is really your choice .
It doesn’t make since it is boring and if u keep thinking about it u might go crazy
u can not discover the reason behind that ur not going to change the turns cuz you are under one of the turns while ur doing it ! and when u go crazy u’ll be one of the ppl who got crazy trying to explain something natural.?

#MoreDiseases #Depression #MentalHealth #Autism