20 Things People With Mental Illness Needed to Hear at Their Lowest Moments

They’re moments we might want to forget — the ones that show us the scary truth of how bad things can get. When you live with a mental illness, these moments can be breaking points or breakthroughs — perhaps halting recovery or making you realize how badly you need help. Regardless, we push through them — learn from them — and hopefully grow stronger each time we face them.

We asked our readers who live with a mental illness what’s something they needed to hear at their lowest point.

We hope these messages find you when you need them most:

1. “You are worth more than your darkness.” — Krystin Louise

"You are worth more than your darkness."

2. “This is temporary.” — Rebecca Chamaa

"This is temporary."

3. “You are not alone. You are worthy of life.” — Katie Keepman

"You are not alone. You are worthy of life."

4.I know you’re in there somewhere.” — Valerie Miles

"I know you're in there somewhere."

5.Don’t beat yourself up so much.” — Anne Barrymore 

"Don't beat yourself up so much."

6. “You’re a strong person.” — Jade Ellis Shellam

"You're a strong person."

7. “You won’t always feel this way.” — Pat Shaw

"You won't always feel this way."

8. “You matter.” — Andrea Graham

 "You matter."

9.I’m proud of you.” — Nikki White

"I'm proud of you."

10.It’s the depression talking…not you.” — Krystal Roberson-Mc Murtry

"It's the depression talking...not you."

11.Your feelings are always valid.” — Amanda Schulte

"Your feelings are always valid."

12. “You are not a waste of space.” — Sarah Mayfield

"You are not a waste of space."

13. “Do whatever you need to take care of yourself.” — Brenda Ann

"Do whatever you need to take care of yourself."

14.It’s not your fault.” — Valerie Stipcak

"It's not your fault."

15. “You are not your anxiety.” — Kirsty Flynn

"You are not your anxiety."

16. “We will go through this together.” — Alexandra Vardaki 

"We will go through this together."

17. “Someone understands.” — Patti Dorris

 "Someone understands."

18. “You’re not a failure.” — Kayla Lynn Malisiak

"You're not a failure."

19. “You have an illness. You are sick. It’s not really you.” — Aubrie McShane

 "You have an illness. You are sick. It's not really you."

20“There is nothing wrong with asking for help.” — Jenalyn Cloward Barton

"There is nothing wrong with asking for help."

What is a message you’d like to hear in your lowest moment? Let us know in the comments below.

 20 Things People With Mental Illness Needed to Hear at Their Lowest Moments

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