When a Photographer Made a Dream Come True for My Special Needs Family

family of four walking from behind

Do you believe that dreams can really come true? I do. Many years ago I visited a friend’s house and my eyes were instantly captivated by a large family photograph mounted on their wall.

“Wow,” I thought. “I would just love to have something as amazing as that of my children one day.” Fast forward 20 years and that dream remained, but its chances of coming true seemed slim. Yes, I had the children, but taking an everyday picture of them both, let alone getting them into a studio, was a big challenge. Making eye contact, understanding instructions and posing were challenges, and bright lights plus flashes could trigger sensory overload and/or seizures.

But then I met an angel.

She read on my Facebook account how I was so emotional and grateful that one of my children’s schools had gone out of its way to allow my children to have a school family photograph taken. When your twins’ schools are separated by 14 miles and one school does not even offer school photographs, this simple act meant so much to me. What seems “normal” to most families became a real act of kindness to me.

Then an angel replied with seven simple words: “I can do one better. Call me.”

I spoke to her about my children. Did she understand how hard this could be for them? Would they even get out the car on the day? Was she aware balance, co-ordination and posing are challenges? Did she know my son could become overwhelmed and scream the entire time? What would happen if my daughter would not smile due to her anxiety?

I was as anxious as my children. Was my dream about to become a reality? Would it be possible to capture love on a camera? With the skill, patience and dedication you can only get from an angel, my children not only coped, they shone.

I had a dream more 20 years ago, and it came true. I met an angel. She captured love in its purest form. She took two children who find life challenging and she found their beauty and personalities. She transformed everyday moments into priceless memories. She took an everyday family and made us feel like royalty.

Do you believe dreams come true? My dream came true the day an angel captured love:

mom and son holding hands running outside

son running toward dad for a hug, daughter sitting on mom's lap

close up of daughter smiling

close up of son looking up

brother sister sitting, from behind

brother and sister smiling, laying next to each other

close up of son

Sometimes angels have names. This angel is called Amber Northfield and she works at Studio Boo. She took my dream, and she made it come true. I cannot thank her enough. Now, which one do I put on my wall?

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