What's Your 'Best Excuse' For Avoiding Mental Health Treatment?

If you are affected by mental illness, The Mighty wants to hear your response to this question: What’s one excuse you made before you sought treatment for your mental health? Send us your video response, and it might be used in a video for The Mighty! Here’s our last video, and a summary of our video tips for filming your response:

  • When using a cellphone, hold it horizontally with two hands if you can. Don’t hold it vertically.

Hand Position

  • If using a video camera, be sure it is on a tripod or held by another person.
  • Try to answer the question in 5 – 15 seconds.
  • Use plenty of natural light. If inside, have your face towards the window. You don’t want the sun or a window behind you — it creates a silhouette and we won’t be able to see you.


  • Record in a quiet place.
  • Speak clearly & concisely. Be sure your hand is not over the microphone. Play through the video before submitting to make sure you can hear yourself.

Please submit your video to [email protected] by January 18th. Please note: Every clip cannot be included in what is published. However, every response will be used internally, to help make our approach to mental health coverage as informed & supportive as it can be.

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