11 Messages People With Kidney Transplants Have for Their Donors

In 2014 the United Network for Organ Sharing reported 17,107 people in the United States received kidney transplants. These organ transplants come from both living and deceased donors, but it’s not always easy getting one. As of January 2016, an estimated 121,678 people are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants, and of these, 100,791 are seeking kidney transplants.

So for those who do get a kidney transplant, it’s a big deal, and it often takes years to happen. The Mighty teamed up with American Kidney Fund to ask their Facebook community what they would tell their kidney donor if they could. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “You saved my life!” –Lt Tweet

Wild red poppy flowers at morning sunlight.

2. “Words can’t express the joy, and blessing you’ve given to my family and myself.” —Brenda Letford

3. “God Bless you and your family for thinking of others.” —Ronald Keel

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4. “I will be forever grateful.” —David L DeAngelis Jr

5. “We can look forward to our girls’ father-and-daughter dance now.” —Maria Nazareth

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6. “Mom, since I now have your kidney, does that mean you always know when I’m up to no good…?” —Michelle Mandly

7. “Not a day goes by when you and your daughter are not in my thoughts.” — Susan Rios

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8. “My life has changed for the better.” Margaret Dabilis

9. “I love you with all my heart.” —Nancie E Kaiser Cameron

Heart and lights

10. “I would do anything for her and I am taking care of her kidney.” —Carmen Oyston

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11. “Thank you.” —Beth A. Townsend-Menchaca

Thank you card and flowers

For more information, visit American Kidney Fund on the web and on Facebook

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