15 Texts People With Chronic Illness Would Love to Get From Their Partners

For people facing chronic illness, a loving text from a partner can provide just the encouragement and support they need to make a tough moment more bearable.

We asked our Mighty readers with chronic illness to share a text they would love to receive from their partner. These texts reveal what love truly looks like for people fighting illness (hint: it’s the little things).

Here are 15 texts people with chronic illness would love to get from their partner:

1. “I’m thinking of you today at your doctor’s appointment, and no matter what, we got this!”

chronic text 19

2. “You can do this.”

chronic text 2

3. “I’m making supper and cleaning up. You put your feet up and watch Archer.” 

chronic text 4

4. “You’re stronger than you realize.”

chronic text 5

5. “Hey honey, I know you’re having a rough day, so I’m bringing home dinner and dessert. Also, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take care of the house and our doggy tonight. Love you!”

chronic text 16

6. “You do what you have to. I got this — and you. It’s all good.”

chronic text 7

7. “You are more than your pain, your a great wife, a wonderful mom, and you and me together will get through this one day at a time.”

chronic text 8

8. “I brought coffee…” 

chronic text 9

9. “I’m thinking of you today and just want you to know you are loved.” 

chronic text 10

10. “As soon as I am off work, we will stay in bed, order in food so you stay off your feet, and watch your favorite movies.”

chronic text 11

11. “I know you may not feel up to making dinner, so I cleaned the house and ordered your fave pizza.” 

chronic text 12


12. “Just making sure you’re doing OK, need anything?”

chronic text 14

13. “Just a reminder, I care.”

chronic text 15

14. “Thinking about you. I see how hard you fight every day and want you to remember I’m in this with you. You are strong, brave and I love you.”

chronic text 18

15. “I love you to the moon and beyond.” 

chronic text 15

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