FedEx Donates Private Jet So 2-Year-Old Can Get Liver Transplant

Nicholas and Jesse Faris’ 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn has Alagille syndrome, and as a result of the rare genetic disorder, Brooklyn was experiencing liver failure and in dire need of a transplant.

After a year of waiting, the family, who live in Memphis, received the call they’d been waiting for: A liver was available in Chicago, reported WREG Memphis. The surgery had to be performed within 24 hours of the organ donation, but when a snow storm hit Chicago on Wednesday, more than 1,300 flights were cancelled, and the family was unable to book tickets.

The family posted messages on social media asking for help, and according to Fox 13 Memphis, FedEx stepped in. FedEx, based in Memphis, flew the Faris family to Chicago on one of the company’s private cargo planes, and then transported them to the hospital.

“When we learned of the extraordinary circumstances and extreme urgency of the situation with Brooklyn, we knew we had to do something,” Patrick Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications at FedEx Services, told The Mighty. “Thankfully, we had the network and resources available to make it happen for this family in our hometown of Memphis. The entire FedEx family is pulling for a quick and full recovery for Brooklyn.”

The family expressed their gratitude in a post on their website, COTA For Brooklyn F, this morning:

The past 24 hours have been UNREAL. There are so many amazing, good, kind people in this world. Memphis has come together in the most amazing way for Brooklyn. Over 1,300 Chicago flights were canceled due to weather. Planes could not land… Except FedEx planes. So FedEx flew Brooklyn there — for FREE. Today we pray for a successful surgery. We pray for a rapid recovery. We pray for years of good health for Brooklyn. And we pray for comfort and grace to fall on the family that is mourning the loss of this brave person who has given sweet B the biggest gift.

Brooklyn went into surgery prep around 10 a.m. on Thursday, and by 1:30 p.m. the family revealed the medical team was in the process of taking out Brooklyn’s old liver. The family added on their Facebook page, “FedEx. You have outdone yourself,” and explained that they’ll now be able to use the funds they’ve raised for expenses “besides chartering an emergency flight at 1 a.m.”

*UPDATE**It’s GO TIME everyone! The Faris family just received the call. THE CALL. There is a liver waiting for Brooklyn in Chicago today. Prayers for the family’s travel are very appreciated! If you’ve already donated to COTA on behalf of Brooklyn—please consider giving a little more. If you’ve shared the link to the website and the video—PLEASE SHARE AGAIN! Memphis has been so incredibly generous to the Faris family and now the real need begins. Let’s see sweet Brooklyn all the way through! Today we pray for Brooklyn’s healing and we praise God for all He is doing!

Posted by COTA For Brooklyn F on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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