Katie Price Says Comment on Aborting Pregnancy Due to Disability Taken ‘Out of Context’

U.K. TV personality and model Katie Price appeared on the popular ITV show “Loose Women” on Tuesday, and one of the comments she made regarding her son Harvey, who has multiple disabilities, has created some controversy. In addition to being blind, Harvey, 13, also has Prader-Willi syndrome, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism, reported Closer.

“I was young when I had Harvey and I admit it – if I knew he was blind when I had him, as harsh as it sounds, I probably would have aborted him,” Price said during her appearance. “Because to me, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, he’s blind, how would I cope?’” Price said that was the decision she would have made at the age of 23, as a single mother.

Price, now 37, then explained that having a child with disabilities has given her a whole new perspective on life and parenting. “But now … no way,” she added. “If I got pregnant again and they said they had disabilities I’d definitely keep it. I’d even adopt a child with disabilities. Until you are in that situation, you don’t know. I absolutely love Harvey so much, I would never change anything about him. Yes, it’s challenging but it’s also rewarding … I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of a child with disabilities.”

“Anyone who’s a carer, mother, anyone dealing with anyone with disabilities, whether it’s a child or adult, I have so much respect [for them] because I know what goes into it,” she added. In addition to Harvey, Price has two children with her current husband Kieran Hayler, and two with her first husband, pop star Peter Andre. She’s appeared on numerous reality shows chronicling her personal and professional life.


Price received both positive and negative feedback for her comments. Many parents praised Price for her honesty, while others slammed her comments.

A few hours after her appearance she took to Twitter to defend herself. “I’m really upset people have taken out of context what I said on @loosewomen today,” she tweeted to her 2 million followers. “Harvey is my life and I am so proud of him!”


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