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The Internet Is Buzzing Over This Woman’s Mute Icon Tattoo

Imgur user raingoose uploaded a photo showing off her mute icon tattoo on Thursday, Feb. 25, and with more than 3 million views and thousands of comments, it’s created quite a stir online.

“Since I’m deaf [in] one ear I thought this was a friendly [way] to tell the world not [to talk] to me from the left,” she captioned the image.

“One of the best tattoos I’ve ever seen!” Imgur user Relevantreference wrote, while a number of others stated they were stealing the idea. User SpiceBoy commented that the inking could potentially help with awkward social interactions. “[I’ve been] deaf since I was born,” he wrote. “People [are] still irritated and think I’m ignoring them.”

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Fellow Imgur user pawsed responded with what appears to be a photo of him looking at raingoose’s tattoo on a Reddit thread.  “I’m also deaf in one ear,” he wrote alongside a snapshot of a muted microphone icon tattooed behind his left ear.

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A number of people remarked that a muted microphone icon (like the image user pawsed posted) would have been more appropriate for someone with a hearing impairment, to which raingoose responded, “I thought that people won’t talk to me at all if I chose the mic … Or rather, that they [would] think I cannot speak at all. I may be a stutterer, but I can still articulate myself.”


Do you have a tattoo that’s related to your medical condition, disorder or disability? Share it with us in the comment section below, and give us a brief explanation about why you got it. Your response may be used in a post on The Mighty.