To the Woman Who Guides My Daughter, in Honor of Occupational Therapy Month

Dear Megan,

Your presence in my family’s life was not planned. When we started our family it didn’t include all the “extras” we have now. I never imagined a life where my child would need you, and yet now I can’t imagine my life without you. Everly sees countless doctors and therapists, and she’s been under your guidance for almost a year now. As her occupational therapist you’ve taught her independence and guided her toward milestones with play. I’ve watched as you encourage her to achieve her goals and as you’ve pushed past her sassiness to work on a task. I’ve seen Everly light up with joy as she strengthens her muscles swinging and her pride when she strings beads or puts plastic worms in tiny holes. Your dedication to the children in your care shines through, and I am grateful you were placed in our lives.

I see your bags of therapy tools that you spend your own money and time making. I see the thought you put behind developing tasks designed to target Everly’s needs and learning style. I see your pride in my child when she works hard, and I see your patience with my other children and I am thankful that you chose a profession in which you are clearly passionate and talented.

You may not have been in my plans, but I’m so glad my life took on the path that included you. You’ve become a bright spot in my Monday mornings, and I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

Megan with Sydnie’s daughter, Everly.

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