To the Bus Drivers and Aids Who Keep Our Kids Safe

son walking to the bus Every morning you’re up before the sun and the birds. You faithfully make your way through all kinds of weather, even on days school should have been cancelled for bad road conditions. You cheerfully greet us and our kids, and day after day, year after year, ensure they safely make it to school and back home.

Sometimes the kids yell, sometimes crises occur, many times it’s just a long drive around the same old route.

I don’t know what brought you to this job, but I’m thankful you’re there.

You make a difference each day you come to work. You’re the first faces our kids see as they leave us in the morning; you set the tone for the day and always make it a good one.

I want you to know how much your work matters, how blessed I feel each day when you take my children off to school and carefully return them home. I know your job isn’t easy, especially this time of year when spring fever has hit and all the kids are extra squirrelly.

I appreciate the job you do and the way you do it. Thank you for your excellent work.

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