When Depression Is Like Being Locked Up in a Tower

Imagine, if you will, a faraway land in which the darkness rules and the sun never shines. 

In that land is a tower so tall, you can see it wherever you are. Inside that tower is a girl, as young as 12. She’s not alone in the top of the tower, for there are many demons chasing her. Telling her she’s worthless, that she’s a waste of space and oxygen, that it’s ridiculous to even try to do anything, that her friends and family have abandoned her, that she will never amount to anything and that her entire life before darkness overtook her home was a naive lie.

The demons have locked her in this castle and refuse to allow her to leave. Once upon a time, before she became locked in the castle, she had a wonderful life, filled with friends and sunshine. That was before the darkness overtook her home. Now, she spends every day locked in the tower, and has been there many years. No knight is coming to rescue her, for no one even knows she’s in the tower, as the demons have prohibited it. She’s tried to contact help from a small phone in secret, but the connection was bad and she was misunderstood. She sometimes wonders if she would just be better off dead.

Now, let’s change it up a bit: that little girl could be you. Because that is what it feels like to someone who’s been caught by depression — they feel just like that girl. Depression has locked every door in their minds that looks open, and a lot of them are petrified of asking for help. Even for the ones that do, they are often misunderstood and don’t get the help they need. They feel completely overpowered by it and it can seem completely hopeless.

If you know someone struggling with depression, please listen to what they tell you. Most of the time people cry out for help. Listen to that. Remind them there’s always help available. Help them get support when they’re not up to it themselves. Don’t judge them for how they feel. They can’t control it. Make sure they know people are there for them and that they are loved. Without realizing it, you might just save their life.

If you or someone you know needs help, see our suicide prevention resources.

If you need support right now, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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