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Having an Eating Disorder in the Summer


It’s officially summer break, and warmer weather and beach days are finally upon us.

While summer has always been my favorite season (I’m in love with heat), it has also always been the hardest to get through. You may think I’m absurd for saying that, but it’s unfortunately true.

Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder, any eating disorder, can understand. In the summer time you can’t cover up. You cannot hide in a hoodie and sweatpants or baggy long-sleeved shirts any longer. You have to wear shorts, tank tops and the ever-so-dreaded bathing suit.

Although I’m in my third year of recovery (*snaps*), putting on shorts and crop tops and wearing the B-word have yet to get easier.

I still stare in the mirror looking shamefully at my own body, wondering if I should just forget about my fun summer day and stay in.

But not this summer.

This summer I vow to have fun.

I vow to wear whatever bathing suit I want or even that one cute crop top that goes great with those perfect high-wasted shorts.

I vow to not let my eating disorder dictate my summer.

Now everyone, if you can, go into your bathroom, look into your mirror and tell yourself you are damn beautiful.

Because you are.

Remember, the sun will always rise above the shadows.

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