What the Dad of My Son With Special Needs Means to Our Family

Thank you.

I would never have imagined four or so years ago that I would sit here and write a letter to thank you for being a wonderful dad. After all, surely it’s a given a child’s dad should be amazing. But I really think you should know just how grateful I am that our kids have you as their father. Because you’re simply the best dad there is, and I really don’t thank you enough.

I also don’t know if you realize how wonderful a dad you are.

When our son, Brody, was born four years ago, little did we know how much our life would change. Obviously, it changed for the better — he is awesome, isn’t he? But life can be challenging for him and for us at times. Being undiagnosed, nonverbal, having epilepsy, hypotonia and hypermobility isn’t easy for our beautiful boy. But in true super-hero style, he just gets on with it all — mostly with a smile on his face, too. And that’s largely thanks to you.

Thank you for working hard every day to provide for us, despite sometimes having the weight of the world on your shoulders when Brody scares the life out of us with one thing or another and when you are tired and sleep deprived.

Speaking of which, thank you for getting up with Brody every single morning, so I can get up with our baby daughter at night and not be exhausted with a “5 o’something” classic Brody wake-up call as well.

Thank you for having so much patience and being such a thoughtful dad. From helping Brody to play with toys that can be physically challenging for him to play with to adapting our garden so it’s safer for him to have fun in.

Thank you for making Brody so happy. I often hear him laughing when I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs with you. It’s the best sound. You understand him like no one else, and it’s clear from his smiles and laughter just how much he loves you, too.

Thank you for carrying me through the harder days and joining me on the good ones — of which there are many more. We’re a good team and the best family.

You have no idea — we would be lost without you.

So, thank you and I love you.

Laura Rutherford’s partner and their son

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