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Texts People With Chronic Illness Would Love to Get After Canceling Plans

People with chronic illnesses share text messages they wish friends would send them when they have to cancel plans because they don’t feel well. Read the full story.
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The 3 Types of Friends I’ve Encountered as a Person With a Chronic Illness

People are messy. If you’ve ever raised a toddler, you’re most likely nodding your head and offering me a hearty “amen!” However, I’m talking about a different kind of messy. The one that implies we humans aren’t always simple, drama-free, uncomplicated or easy to understand. Perhaps you have experienced this “messiness” in your friendships as [...]
Sample Be Brave box featuring a coloring book and face mask.

Taylor Nadraszky Creates Be Brave Box, a Subscription Box for Chronic Illness

Taylor Nadraszky knows what it’s like to be sick and unable to leave home. Nadraszky, 16, started Be Brave Box – a subscription box service for people living with chronic illnesses – last year, after a kidney transplant left her stuck indoors for six weeks. “Due to being really immunosuppressed, I wasn’t allowed in busy [...]
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When the Hardest Part of Dealing With Chronic Illness Is Other People

For me, the hardest part of dealing with chronic illness has and will always be other people. Silly, right? It’s not the pain or the sleepless nights. It’s not the constant hospital trips and treatments. It’s not the sickness and sadness that the life you thought you had, you have now lost. All of those [...]