In the Midst of My Anxiety Attack...

IMG_20160518_195345_300x300_acf_cropped Anxiety is the deafening silence that consumes you in its horrid darkness.

It’s the racing thoughts that leave you unaware of the ending of one thought and the beginning of another.

It’s the air leaving your lungs and refusing to come back, leaving you suffocating, almost as if you’re drowning in your own thoughts and despair.

It’s the constant what ifs and all the possibilities of things going wrong in any and every way.

It’s the dread of everything falling apart within seconds.

It’s the constant fear of everything going downhill, the lack of ability to do anything to prevent it.

It’s the nerves within you swimming in the pool of anxiousness.

It’s your family and friends noticing your frightened state and hitched breathing and feeling useless and unable to do anything to help.

It’s feeling distressed and disturbed and you can’t find out why and how to solve it and make it go away.

It’s feeling as if the world was on your shoulders and you can’t do anything to lessen the weight.

It’s the desire of isolation but fear of the thoughts and feelings creeping behind you and breathing down your neck.

It’s the shadows in every dark corner calling out to you, beckoning for you to come closer to make all your nightmares come true.

It’s the nervousness that jumbles up within you, adrenaline pumping through your veins as if its preparing you to run.

It’s the fear of never getting better, but in reality, it does.

Slowly but surely, it fades away, and you’re stronger than you were before after going through it.

Everything gets better, and nobody ever said you have to face your battles alone.

In the end, you are strong and able to push past this.

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