Doctor Creates Epic Wipes to Help Anyone Who Has Difficulty Bathing Independently

From the battlefield to the bathroom, Dr. Aeneas Janze might have created the best product for anyone looking to get clean in a flash. Epic Wipes, Janze’s creation, are individually wrapped, disposable wipes that are 16 times larger than your average wipe.

The towel-sized wipes were inspired by Janze’s time as a doctor and soldier in Afghanistan. There were times when his comrades would have benefitted from being able to clean themselves, except there was no shower in sight.

But the battlefield isn’t the only place these wipes could come in handy. “Being a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor it was also clear from the start that these wipes would be extremely useful in the hospital setting,” Janze told The Mighty. “People who are acutely ill can’t shower for obvious reasons and many people with chronic disabilities lack the mobility to shower without assistance which makes personal hygiene a real issue.”

Epic Wipes are made from bamboo, which makes them biodegradable as well as safe and environmentally sustainable. They are also a safe choice for people sensitive to chemicals as they are without parabens, phthalates, and triclosan – an antibacterial and antifungal found in many consumer products.

“I think the people that really stand to benefit the most from these wipes, from a medical perspective, are the folks with chronic disabilities or mobility issues,” Janze said.

“I think my grandmother is the perfect example,” he told The Mighty. “My grandmother recently became ill and doesn’t have the strength to safely bathe without assistance anymore. She is however strong enough to use these wipes on her own which has allowed her to maintain some of her independence and preserve her dignity.”

The wipes could benefit anyone who can’t bathe after surgery, people living with ostomies, parents of children with disabilities, and people with mobility issues who want to maintain their independence and bathe themselves, Janze added.

Epic Wipes are currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. One box of 10 individually wrapped wipes costs $25.

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