15 Brutally Honest Facebook Statuses About Chronic Illness

Anyone who’s spent time scrolling through Facebook has probably realized users are more likely to share the best, most photogenic aspects of their lives. As a result, those with chronic illnesses may not feel comfortable sharing the difficult aspects of their lives as they navigate their health challenges. But imagine how much more we could support and encourage each other if we all felt free to share our stories without judgment or shame.

So we asked our Mighty Facebook followers: If you could write a brutally honest Facebook status about your life with chronic illness, what would you say? Our community revealed truths they don’t typically share on Facebook, but would help their friends understand the challenges they face every day. The bravery and wisdom of their statuses truly belongs on Facebook for the world to see.

Here’s what they told us:

CI status 14

CI status 11

CI status 18

CI status 17

CI status 16

CI status 13

CI status 10

CI status 2

CI status 6

CI status 8

CI status 19

CI status 20

CI status 12

CI status 15

CI status 3

What’s a brutally honest Facebook status you wish you could share? Let us know in the comments.

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