A Tattoo Artist Is Giving Kids in Hospitals Free Temporary Tattoos

It started with a Facebook post.

“Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kids confidence with a custom tattoo 50 likes and ill go to starship hospital and tat all the kids up.It’s airbrushed on.(not permanent) peace.”

Benjamin Lloyd, 25, a tattoo artist in New Zealand, hoped the post would get 50 likes, but his expectations weren’t high. What he wasn’t expecting were the 432,ooo likes that followed.

So, holding true to his promise, Lloyd went to Starship Hospital and airbrushed free temporary tattoos on the hospital’s pediatric patients.

Lloyd giving a tattoo to a child in a hospital bed
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

Lloyd didn’t just stop there. Since visiting Starship Hospital, he’s traveled to several other medical centers giving kids tattoos and much-needed smiles.

young man gets a tattoo
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

While his post going viral might have been a surprise, the therapeutic power his creations have had are not. In an interview with the Bay of Plenty Times, Lloyd shared how his career started by drawing on his skin to cover up a grafted burn on his arm.

Now he is collecting donations so he can travel around New Zealand tattooing kids in hospitals and medical centers.

You can see more of Lloyd’s awesome designs below.

Lloyd tattooing a young boy
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection
Lloyd tattooing a young girl
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection
Lloyd tattooing a young boy sitting on a hospital bed
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection
Girl with brace shows off her new tattoo
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection
Girl in wheelchair gets tattooed
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection
Young boy shows off his new tattoos
Facebook: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

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