Dear Anxiety: Today I Take Back My Own Mind

Dear anxiety,

Today I let you go. You do not rule me.

You are a part of me, and your existence I cannot deny, but you do not have the final say.

I will breathe through the panic, through the pounding in my chest, the dizziness and the sound of blood pumping in my ears. I will survive, again and again; you will not win. I will not be beaten by that which my own mind created. You are a resounding voice in the back of my mind saying over and over how I am not enough, how I will always fall just short. You are fear and hesitation, the isolation that has kept me locked up for too long.

But today I say enough.

Dear anxiety,

Today I take back my own mind, even if just for a bit. There will be times when I stay inside because the fear of being seen is too great, times when the panic attacks come back unbidden and unwanted. But this war has not been won, and you have underestimated me. I acknowledge you for what you are, an opponent as strong as the day is long. But you are a monster of my own mind, and therefore you cannot be stronger than me. You are a part of me, but that also means you are smaller than me.

Dear anxiety,

Today I let you go. I am staring into the face of fear, but I will not blink.

Today I become the master of my own mind again.

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