12 Pictures That Perfectly Describe What Chronic Illness Life Is Like

Chronic illnesses aren’t always easy to sum up in a few quick words. How do you describe what the never-ending symptoms and unpredictability truly feels like, especially to someone who has never experienced it?

Over the last few days, Twitter users have been using the hashtag #DescribeYourIllnessInOnePicture to demonstrate what their illness feels like. Of course, the best way to understand a chronic illness is to ask someone to explain their experience — and listen to them. In the mean time,these memes and GIFs may suffice if you don’t have the words.

Here’s what they shared:


Source: Yarukizero


Source: Shutterstock




Source: Buzzfeed





Source: Roy Delgado






Source: Marni Kotak






Source: Teespring


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