20 Things I Feel as a Special Needs Parent Other Than ‘Inspiring'

People sometimes tell me that as a special needs parent I am an inspiration. It’s a compliment, I think, but I never know how to take it. I certainly don’t feel inspiring. I do feel many things as a special needs parent.

The author and her son

1. Sometimes I feel tired.

2. Sometimes I feel elated.

3. Sometimes I feel chagrined.

4. Sometimes I feel baffled.

5. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

6. Sometimes I feel happy.

7. Sometimes I feel lonely.

8. Sometimes I feel strong.

9. Sometimes I feel weak.

10. Sometimes I feel “normal.”

11. Sometimes I feel so very different.

12. Sometimes I feel content.

13. Sometimes I feel jealous.

14. Sometimes I feel worried.

15. Sometimes I feel ornery.

16. Sometimes I feel jubilant.

17. Sometimes I feel confident.

18. Sometimes I feel deflated.

19. Sometimes I feel preoccupied.

20. Sometimes I feel relaxed.

But I never feel inspiring. I may act puzzled when you say I’m inspiring, because I’m just doing the best I can, getting through each day, as messy as that can be, and trying to make the best of things. I might not know how to answer when you say I’m inspiring because I simply see myself as a parent.

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