16 Things That Can Happen When You Become a Special Needs Parent

I believe when you have a child with special needs…

1. You are fierce (with your knowledge and your heart).

2. You become a fighter.

3. You love more than you ever thought possible (true for having children period!).

4. You cry at the smallest things.

5. You get much less sleep.

6. You have constant “brain fog.”

7. You have mountains of paperwork.

8. You become a hoarder of paper clips.

9. You know owning a scanner/copier is a necessity.

10. You celebrate milestones no matter how small.

11. You may sit in your car in your driveway to decompress, and sometimes cry.

12. You get snippy if your “stories” are interrupted  you know, the ones you’ve DVR’d that you’ve been waiting all week to see, and if you don’t see them, you might implode.

13. You may think about taking vacations by yourself so you don’t have to speak to anyone, except maybe the flight attendant and the bartender when you get there.

14. You wish you had a babysitter.

15. You pray you live forever.

16. You require an entourage of people who love you, would reach the moon for you and who will help you.

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