If My Friends Googled 'Anxiety,' I Hope They'd Find This

Google is an amazing thing. The technology and algorithms that go into something like that is mind blowing. Sometimes I wonder how many things get Googled per day. But this article isn’t about that.

In a previous article, I had talked about how anxiety was such a monotonous thing to describe, and I often just tell people to “Google it.” So, to all those I’ve said that to and all I will say it to, I would hope this is the article you would find if you ever Googled anxiety.

Anxiety is scary. Let’s start with that. It’s not your everyday stress over school or work. I’m sure you’ve seen the shows with the devil sitting on your shoulder trying to tear you down? Well. That’s anxiety in a nutshell. That little devil sits on your shoulder all day, making you think things like “what if” this and “what if” that. Imagine living in constant fear. With no escape, except sleep. Imagine your mind racing at speeds of what seem like light speed. Anxiety sends your nerves into overdrive. Imagine your worst nightmare being on repeat. I know that’s a lot of “imagines,” but I’m just trying to make sure you grasp the concept of this anxiety.

If you know someone with anxiety, show them you care. Be there for them, and if they ever ask you questions you think sound silly, answer as you would any other question. Treat them like a regular person. And if they say they don’t want to do something, don’t make them. I know anxiety sounds like it makes life a lot easier, but trust me, this is not something you want, and in no way does it make any aspect of life any easier.

I hope this article has at least enlightened you on the scary, wild, mental illness that is anxiety. I hope you walk away having learned more than you came with. I know it’s complex, but you deserve a pat on the back for at least trying to understand this for your friend or whoever it may be. I wish you the best.

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