What It Means to Have a Friendship Anxiety Can't Touch

Dear Best Friend,

When I moved two hours away from you, I was so worried our friendship wouldn’t survive the distance and our busy lives. You promised that wouldn’t happen and you followed through. You continue to show up in my life for big and little moments. I know you are always just one phone call away should I ever truly need you by my side.

You have talked me down from more anxiety attacks than I can count. You have always managed to know what to say when my anxiety and depression start winning our constant battle for dominance. For that, I thank you.

Actually, there are so many things throughout the course of our friendship I want to thank you for. For constantly reminding me that, while I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression, they do not define nor own me. For all the times you dragged me out of our apartment instead of letting me close myself off from the world. For all the times you have let me walk through worst case scenarios that will never happen. Instead of belittling them, you have kindly and gently helped me dismantle the odds of those events occurring.

For understanding confrontation is hard for me and never mocking or ridiculing me when I come to you with note cards or a letter in hand when I feel we are having issues in our friendship. You realize what I’m trying to say is more important than the medium I use to convey my thoughts. For every time you’ve asked a waiter a question for me and the times, you’ve let them know they got my order wrong without even asking because you know I won’t do it. For always shooting me a quick text when you have to miss my call just to make sure my call was one that could wait and not a mental emergency.

The list could go on for days because you have been one of the greatest sources of support in my life. I will never be able to repay that. There is, however, one thing I need to thank you for above all else. Thank you for being patient, loving and kind enough to build a friendship with me my anxiety cannot touch nor make me doubt. It means more than you could ever be able to know.

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