5 Reasons I Blog About My Chronic Illnesses

I’ve spent almost four years blogging about my chronic illnesses. At first I just blogged about anything and everything, but the day I got my diagnosis I decided to start blogging about things that actually had depth and meaning to me.

I still blog about anything and everything, but there’s one difference. Now when I do write about anything and everything, it has a lesson, a meaning, a story.

There are many reasons I started writing about my chronic illnesses, but I thought I
should shorten the list, so here are my top five reasons I started blogging.

Reason #1: To connect with others.

When you get diagnosed or even start having symptoms, life changes no matter how hard you try to make it stay the same. For me, my life changed so much I lost who I
was for a while. 

Reason #2: To share the illness experience.

When I first got my diagnosis, I thought going to a support group would help me, but I looked around and couldn’t find one. That was when I realized I didn’t have to have an in-person support group to get support. I found the best support groups on Facebook. Some of the best friends I have ever had are because of these groups.

Since being diagnosed with interstitial cystitisendometriosisdepression and pelvic floor dysfunction, I’ve learned how to ask for support and, in return, give support to others.

Reason #3: To give to my hubby and friends some downtime.

There is only so much that my husband and friends can discuss issues about my illnesses. They need a break, too.

Reason #4: To deal with what I feel.

I’ve always been a writer, but blogging has helped me so much emotionally. I’ve been able to finally start dealing with what I feel. I am still dealing with it, and honestly, I may never fully be able to deal with everything that has been happening to me. But it’s a start.

Reason #5: To help others.

You are not alone. Even if we do not share the same illnesses, we understand each other on a level that most healthy people do not.

I know it’s silly, but I would like my work to help those who are having a bad day. They pull up my blog, read my posts and for five minutes, everything is OK.

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